The Gryphon In Modern Art

Fareme Foxwing, the vulpegryph! Drawn by Jennifer Miller. "There has never been a true first hand account of a Gryphon that I know of, so who is to say 'exactly' what a Gryphon should look like?" That seems to be the driving motive behind most of the Gryphon art that you will find today. For example, take this beautiful picture of Fareme Foxwing, one of the members of the Gryphon's Guild. (Drawn by the talented Jennifer Miller, another member.) There are no horse-like ears, fluffy lion's tail, or raptorine forefeet. In fact, Fareme is not even a "true" Gryphon at all, but a Vulpegryph, who has the attributes of a fox instead of a lion! This however is an extreme, but it does go to show that not all Gryphons are created (drawn? imagined?) equal.

Visit Elfwood!

If it deals with fantasy or science fiction, and it has been drawn or written about, then you WILL find it at Elfwood, a non-profit online repository of amateur art and stories. Elfwood itself is divided into three sections: Lothlorien for fantasy art, Area 52 for sci-fi art, and the Wyvern's Library for stories of both genres. It is in Lothlorien that you will find some of the most fantastic and diverse Gryphon pictures ever created.

A pic of Faith, by Kelly Mansfield In fact, many of the pictures you see on the Gryphon Pages here have been taken from various Elfwood galleries:
    * Diana (Diana) Brinkley
    * Elaine Carter
    * Tracie (Coal) Fullerton
    * Jill Johansen
    * Cecilie (Taran) Larsen
    * Jennifer (Nambroth) Miller
    * Cara Jane (Mercury) Mitten
    * Caroline (Cosmo) Muchmore
    * Helen Rich
    * Mia Bengtsson
    * Heather R. (Nova) Shumacher
    * Cody (Illucian) Spaid


Gryphons have also made guest appearances in a variety of comic books...
* Tellos - "Tellos" has to be the best comic book on the market today. Created by writer Todd Dezago and artist Mike Wieringo, "Tellos" is a creative nose-dive into an epic fantasy world populated by all kinds of wonderful and diverse creatures, with adventure and danger around every turn. I HIGHLY suggest that you check it out. Oh, and there is a Gryphon in it (of course), although so far it has only appeared in the first issue and the Prologue to the main story. (The same Gryphon, incidentally.) Find out more about the comic on the official webpage at!
*Quick Note: It turns out that in the infinite land of Tellos, the female Gryphons (pictured here) have no wings, whereas the males do. This is an interesting turn-around from traditional Heraldry, where the female Gryphon has wings and the males do not. (Instead they have sharp spikes coming from various places on their bodies.)
A wild Gryphon attacks Hawke and Rikk in the awesome comic book, TELLOS!
Reginald Plume, the evil Captain of the Guard of Xanadu!
* Xanadu - "Xanadu" is unique in that it is probably one of the first well known "furry" (or "anthropomorphic") comic books. Written and drawn by Vikki Wynman, "Xanadu" is a series of tales set in a magical fantasy world, centering around the exploits of: Tabbe Le Fauve, a Domestique feline thief; Fatima, Tabbe's Freeborn vixen lover; and Empress Alicia, the Noble unicorn ruler of Xanadu. The Gryphon in the comics, Captain Reginald Plume, unfortunately turns out to be the villain. This is a hard series of comics to find, but definitely well worth the effort.

* The Griffon - Yes, there was even a comic book hero called "The Griffon", although I have never read it and it was rather short lived. I will provide more info once I can actually find a copy or two of it!

Lady Pendragon rock'n and rollin' with a Gryphon!

* Lady Pendragon - When Jennifer Drake became Lady Pendragon by pulling Excalibur from a stone on July 4, 1999 she not only unleashed the entire Arthrurian mythos into the 20th century, but also returned magic to the earth, thrusting the world into a new Dark Age. You can say thanks to writer Matt Hawkins and penciler John Stinsman for it all. In the third volume of the series, Dragon Blade, the good Lady meets up with a bad Gryphon and well, lets just say that the Gryphon doesn't win. (Hmmm... Three out of 4 comics which depict a Gryphon as the bad guy... I don't like that trend, not at all!) *My thanks to Sparhawk from the Guild for the help on researching this!*
You can find most of these comics and more at Mile High Comics!

A cool origami Gryphon made by Joeseph Wu.


I know that you weren't thinking of origami when you first came to this page, but it IS a form of visual art, so I'm putting this section here anyway. The neato paper Gryphon to the right was created by Joseph Wu, a virtual origami wizard. Aside from "traditional" origami creations, Joseph has stretched out his talents and created origami versions of many mythical creatures, including Gryphons, dragons, centaurs, manticores, and even chimeras! I highly suggest you go check out his work and style at his home page.