This page holds info on the Gryphon's changing appearance in art, as well as a few classical Gryph pics.

Modern Art

Here you will find who's, where's, and how's on Gryphon art in today's world.


A short section depicting the Gryphon's role in heraldry as a charge and supporter, as well as a heraldry "primer".


Learn the origins of Gryphons and how they have appeared in myth and legend... Beware, lots of info!


A large list of ancient authors who have written of the Gryphon, as well as excerpts from their works.

Modern Literature

Find out about modern day Gryphon authors, professional and amateur, as well as Gryph short stories.


Learn of the Gryphon's relation to gods, chariots, the sun, gold, Christ, Satan, and more.


How does the world view Gryphons today, in symbolism and online? All that and more lies within here.